How much should I expect to pay for dental care

How much should I pay for dental care?
Although many people do not want to take a dental insurance cover, it can reduce your costs greatly. Different procedures cost differently and knowing how much each one costs is important for those who don’t have insurance cover and who plan to pay out of their pockets on a per-treatment basis.

Although dental insurance requires monthly or annual premium and some up-front costs or co-payments, it is advisable for those looking for a Frankston dentist, Cranbourne West dentist and a dentist in Carrum Downs to have one: it will actually reduce the cost of dental care for up to 100 percent on annual routine care costs, 50 percent on bridges, crowns and major procedure costs and 80 percent on fillings, basic procedures and root canal treatment costs.

Again, charges will vary depending on the location and from one practitioner to another. Below is an estimate of how much you would expect to pay for dental care in Frankston, Cranbourne West and Carrum Downs depending on the type of procedure.

1. Cleaning of teeth: In most cases, you will pay an average of $288 for a common check-up and cleaning done by a dentist in Carrum Downs. The cost covers exam, x-rays and cleaning.

2. Fillings: Fillings will protect your future health by covering cavities and preventing them from becoming worse. They are, however, more expensive than basic dental check-ups. A single, silver amalgam filling carried out by a Cranbourne West dentist will cost around between $50 and $150, a single, tooth-colored composite filling for between $90 and $250 while a single, cast-gold or porcelain filling goes for between $250 and $4,500.

However, simple fillings are less costly than back molar, an impacted tooth or treating other complications.

3. Tooth Extractions: Extractions, surgical or non-surgical, are done when it is not possible to fix a tooth. They all need anesthesia and will cost differently depending on the length of visit to the dentist of length of carrying out the treatment and difficulty of removal. On average, you will pay a Dentist Frankston between $75 and $300 for a nonsurgical gum-erupted procedure while a surgical procedure that requires anesthesia will cost you between $150 and $650. Soft-tissue and complicated surgical procedures are more costly and will cost you between $185 and $600 on average. Depending on its location, an impacted tooth can cost up to $600 while wisdom tooth extraction goes for between $75 and $200.

4. Crowns: These are installed to protect the outside of the tooth. They follow a root canal treatment and the cost depends on the base material used. A single resin crown done by our specialist dentist in Frankston, Cranbourne West and Carrum Downs will cost you about $328 while a single porcelain-fused crown costs about $821 on average. You will pay about $776 for a single full-cast high noble metal crown.

5. Root Canals: These are used to treat exposed, infected or damaged tooth roots. Impacted tooth “root cutting” is also used for the same purpose. Although the cost depends on the procedure difficulty, a single, exposed root removal proceed and will cost about $120 while a single, residual tooth root removal procedure is priced at about $185 on average.

Don’t shy away from discussing your preferred payment plans with our dentists.


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